A Song for Dominique Lévy’s 40th Birthday

Written and performed by Christopher Mason

Paris, June 2007

(to the tune of “If You Wish Upon a Star”)

Sleek, alluring, magnifique!

That’s our darling Dominique;

Charismatic, sharp, pragmatic, wunderbar;

Blinding charm and sex appeal,

Just a little difficile!

Full of mischief, full of fun, a shining star!

(to the verse of “La Vie en Rose”)

The paradox of Dominique:

She seems aloof and fiercely chic

And yet she’s warm and sympathique –

That’s if you know her well;

Her life beyond the world of art

Reveals her tender, loving heart,

She’s also brilliant, super-smart

And driven to excel.

(to the chorus of “La vie en Rose”)

But . . . Laughing with her sons, carefree,

Now that’s the time you’ll see

Lévy en rose!

When she drops her Swiss reserve

It’s marvelous to observe

Lévy en rose!

She’s adored, and teased and praised

By all four sons she’s raised,

To them, she’s not “Mama.”

Joris and Dillon and Caleb and Sam,

They’ll tell you no, no, she’s their Dodo!

(to the verse of “La Vie en Rose”)

When Dominique was just a child

Her parents found her very wild,

So naughty that she had the gall

To scribble on her father’s wall;

Now André wasn’t thrilled at all 

To find this Twombley on his wall,

But all’s forgiven, yes, and how:

He’s Samuel’s doting grandpa now.

(to the chorus of “La vie en Rose”)

All succumb to Dodo’s charm,

For when she twists your arm

She’s not evasive;

She can make you change your mind

And suddenly you’ll find

She’s quite persuasive!

Though her mother knows her well

She still falls for her spell,

Still blinded by her charm;

Something about her compels us to linger – 

She has the art world wrapped round her finger.

(to “I Did It My Way”)

When striking deals of huge amounts,

She’s in control and quite commanding;

At work, sometimes at home,

She’s just a little bit demanding!

She’s sure she’s always right,

In an enlightened connoisseur way,

And she’ll attest, it’s always best

To do things HER way!

(to “Be a Clown, Be a Clown”)

She’s achieved great renown,

Who would guess that she was once was a clown?

This very fancy dealer whom now everyone knows

Once wore a crazy wig and had a big shiny nose!

Performed at kids’ parties with juggling shows!

Dominique, who’s so chic, was a clown!

To tremendous applause

She’d act goofy and drop down her drawers;

Before Miss Cindy Sherman made it seem à la mode

To dress in a clown suit that someone had sewed,

Miss Lévy’s days of goofy shoes and wigs had plateaued,

But our chic Dominique was clown!

(to the verse of “La Vie En Rose”)

Impeccable, without a scratch,

Her belt, her shoes and handbag match,

Her New York closet can’t fit more:

It’s like a giant cashmere store!

She only travels in grande luxe,

She loves to eat, but seldom cooks,

She’s not cut out for doing chores,

Her creature comforts she adores . . .

(to the chorus of “La vie en Rose”)

When she’s traveling First Class,

Pink champagne in her glass,

C’est Lévy en rose!

Her hotels must be fit for czars,

A minimum six stars,

C’est Lévy en rose!

Being resourceful and astute,

She’s earned immense repute,

It’s taxing, goodness knows;

When art inspires mirth, it

Is fun to unearth it,

But sometimes so daunting

She asks, it is worth it?

(to “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”)

Who wants to deal in high-priced art? Ho hum.

And tell Jeff Koons and Hirst apart? Ho hum.

Who wants to trek to Basel, Venice and Kassel

To see all that art? Who needs the hassle?

You may tap acres of new wealth,

But art fairs sure can harm your health!

The stress, the mess, you ask yourself why;

Who needs an art fair in Dubai?

Despite her glorious success,

With deals galore she can finesse,

She claims that in a flash she’d give it all up,

Get a new life. Serious? Yup!

It is a dream she often floats:

To climb Swiss hills and walk with goats,

But think of all the glamour she’d miss,

Goodbye New York, bonjour La Suisse!

(to “The Lonely Goatherd”)

If she escaped to the high Swiss mountains,

Dodo would be gaga for the cool Swiss air,

Samuel could bathe in ice-cold fountains,

Gaga for the chocolate there;

They could ski with great abandon,

Skate, sled and if fate allows,

She could explore her inner farm girl,

Go and milk some nice Swiss cows!

These days they weekend in Bridgehampton,

Not exactly mountains but the beach is fine,

Streets are so crowded you might get stamped on

But the sunsets are divine;

Some groan about the awful traffic,

But you won’t hear her complain,

Lesser mortals take the highway –

She prefers to take a plane!

Her truest bliss is being with family,

In Bridgehampton sitting round and roasting s’mores,

Helping Caleb study Hebrew

While other people do her chores!

Her new passion is for planting

Oaks, pines, she’s really on a spree;

You are welcome to drop by there

If you want to plant a tree!

(to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”)

Some are blinded by her cool

And self-control,

But she’s innocent at heart

And has the kindest, purest soul;

That’s why those who really know her

Love her too,

She’s the first to help her friends

Believe dreams really can come true.

Life is strewn with endless struggles,

And what’s key:

Being alone is not much fun

But she found her Dorothy!

(to the chorus of “La vie en Rose”)

Laughing with their sons, carefree,

Now that’s the time you’ll see

Lévy en rose;

When she drops her Swiss reserve

It’s marvelous to observe

Lévy en rose;

Forty years may sound a lot

But look at what she’s got:

A magic life that’s full;

Glamour, success and a mountain of stress

And a family and friends who adore her;

She’s beloved, tonight it shows,

She positively glows,

Lévy en rose!